About Fintibi

We are currently in a beta phase, working diligently to launch a robust product that delivers genuine value to our target audience. To make this happen we have designed a beta testing program to which we are inviting financial managers, analysts, consultants, and accountants to trial.

“Fintibi is the smart tool to analyze financial performance”

FINTIBI was designed to meet the needs of financial professionals and to move their financial performance analyses up to the next level.

We have built on our 25 years of experience, focusing on making things easier and faster during the analysis by using visuals and variances so you can easily recognize what has gone right and what has gone wrong in the company. With Fintibi, you will be able to provide accurate advice that your employer or client is asking for.

We have enabled the analysis on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis, but it is up to you to select the method that your project requires.

You will be amazed as to how flexible Fintibi is as a system. Compared to other cloud solutions it is very easy to use.

Whether you are preparing an annual report, a quarterly report, or a presentation, Fintibi always provides you with the information you need to present and interpret the financials with information that others will find more challenging to come by.

Just fill in the financial information, upload the files, and enjoy the analysis journey with us. You can perform simulations either through an accounting entry or by amending percentages of some elements of the financial statements to see the impact on the financials.

You will be able to confidently advise your clients what to do, test sensitivity, and see the impact of various business decisions through simulation.