Our company FINTIBI.COM LIMITED is incorporated in Hong Kong and registered under the number 2800431, we are accredited by the International Association of Certified Valuation Specialists (IACVS), we perform business valution for information technology companies, we have over 25 years of extensive experience in finance.


We perform business valuation for Information Technology companies based on the standards set by the International Association of Certified Valuation Specialists. (IACVS)



What is the valuation?

The process used to develop a value or range of values for a unique combination of financial, tangible, intangible assets that have (individually or together) economic or commercial value. There is never a correct value, there is always a reasonable and supportable value

Why do i need the valuation for?

  • Merger and acquisitions
  • Sales and purchase of business as whole or part of it.
  • Joint ventures
  • Strategic planning
  • Impairment testing as required by International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Buy-sell agreements among partners
  • Financing a company by extending credit or giving loans.
  • Funding a company by paying capital.

Do you generate the report automatically?

No, it is not an automatic report. Although we will continue to research and develop information and data to support our work, determining value will never become a formula. Valuation is a process and will always require and incorporate the professional judgment of the valuator.

What is the process of performing a valuation?

  • Define the engagement
  • Collect data including financial statements and other information about the company, economy, and industry.
  • Analyze the data and discuss the findings with the management
  • Calculate the benefit stream based on the company outlook, industry growth, and economic conditions.
  • Income approach
  • Asset approach
  • Market approach
  • Select the best approach(s)that fit the business and data available.
  • Determine the discounts and premiums
  • Sanity checks
  • Conclusion of value and report

Are there different values for a business?

  • Yes, there are different values based on the standard used, values will vary depending on the following standards:
    • Fair market value
    • Market value
    • Fair value
    • Investment value
    • Intrinsic value
    • Residual value
    • Calculated value
    • Value based ongoing concern
    • Value based on forced liquidation
    • Value based on orderly liquidation

What are the available methods to reach to the conclusion of value?

  • Asset (cost) approach
    • Adjusted net assets method
    • Depreciated replacement method
    • Liquidation premise
    • Going concern premise
    • Assets assemble premise
  • Income approach
    • Capitalization of earnings/cash flow method
    • Discounted future earnings/cash flow method
    • Excess earnings methods (hybrid)
  • Market approach
    • Guideline public company method
    • Transaction method
    • Rules of thumb for general guidance
    • Prior equity sales

What are the types of reports you provide?

  • A detailed report (recommended)
  • Summary report
  • Calculation report

What is the price of the valution report?

  • Our charge is based on the time we invest in generating the valuation report, in practice, the report requires between 40 to 80 working hours, depending on the complexity of the study, it takes between 3 to 8 weeks to deliver the report.