Finance managers are required to keep monitoring the financial health of the organization to ensure profitable growth.

FINTIBI offers you a great tool to monitor the organization’s financial health. It also enables you to recommend initiatives to improve business profitability, simulate decisions and understand the impact of various business cases regarding the financial ratios of the organization, such as the ROE.

Gain a competitive edge at your organization and support the decision makers with your informed recommendations.

Look ahead, test the financial ratios of your forecasts, recommend and act. Plan scenarios to test strategies on the financial ratios, and decide what makes the difference and has the highest impact on your organization while being able to support your decisions and financial reports with accurate results that have been generated by Fintibi.

FINTIBI is flexible enough to provide you monthly, quarterly, and annual analyses based on your business needs, meaning a lot less work and stress for you in the future.

Simulation is a great tool for sensitivity analysis. It can be used in two ways; you can either amend the percentage of accounts by increasing or decreasing them or you can perform accounting entries. The three-step simulation can make a considerable difference when it comes to understanding what creates financial value for the organization and what does not.

Spreadsheets are no longer needed to generate the financial performance analysis. Instead you will be able to input and secure your data in a reliable system and update it easily when required. If this is not enough, you will also be able to create as many companies as you wish and enjoy the ease of the analysis using the graphs to focus on the things that went well and those things that did not.


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