FINTIBI is a cloud-based app, which has been designed especially for finance professionals like you. With a full set of tools to help you assess the financial performance of companies by analyzing financial statements and ratios you will be able to efficiently monitor and improve upon a company’s financial status. Move your analysis up to the next level by utilizing a proven and professional system that works.

Multiple data upload type

We have adopted three levels of data-type analysis to meet our customers’ needs and expectations. Fintibi enables you to upload data in three different types (monthly, quarterly and annually). Depending on your independent case, you will be able to select your data-type preference.

multiple upload

Analysis Support

FINTIBI has been designed to provide analysis support to the user while performing the analysis. To remind users of the definition and calculation of ratios we have enabled these to be viewed in multiple places on the system.

Analysis Support

Financial statements

FINTIBI empowers you to analyze complicated financial statements without the need for spreadsheets thanks to our easy-to-fill-in and upload templates. When it comes to analyzing financial statements, we focus on the areas that matter!


Financial ratios analysis

Financial ratios are proven to provide insight into the financial performance of companies. By analyzing the financial ratios you will be able to unlock hidden information and get a better picture of the company’s financial status that management may not have disclosed or you may not have been able to deduce from financial audits.

Financial Ratio

Financial Ratios

Financial ratios are proven to provide insight into the financial performance of companies. By analyzing the financial ratios you will be able to unlock hidden information that has not been disclosed by management or information that has not been clearly revealed during financial audits.A financial ratio analysis is a powerful way of discovering the things that have gone well and not so well within the company while also highlighting a company’s strengths and weaknesses regarding financial performance.

We have selected four types of ratios in Fintibi

  • Liquidity: 4 ratios
  • Leverage: 12 ratios
  • Activity: 13 ratios
  • Profitability: 16 ratios

To calculate our ratios we have selected and used the latest information, data and consensus estimates. We realize that some financial analysts might calculate their financial ratios differently, but we feel that consensus calculations are some of the most accurate ones.

FINTIBI will show you how each ratio is calculated, allowing you to gain more insight into the significant figures that have impacted the ratio.

finacial ratio

Multiple Versions Data

FINTIBI allows the uploading of multiple financial versions for the same year, which you can use before and after audits. Add your name and comments to every version to take full control and select the right analysis version for your needs.

version data

My Ratio Sets

This option allows users to save multiple selections of financial ratios based on his or her preferences; for example the user may group certain financial ratios for different types of industries or companies and focus on those specific ratios during the analysis. Selecting only the important ratios will help with both organisation and the results. The selections you make and save will then be able to be accessed and used for any future analysis.

My Ratio Sets


Visualisation is a powerful tool to analyse financial statements without needing to read numbers. Instead, save your time by focusing on the graph trends and manipulating the views of the financial statements’ elements or the financial ratios’ elements. Visualisation is a powerful tool that can help you easily identify any strengths and weaknesses by reviewing the calculations and searching for the significant changes in accounts.

Visualisation through the use graphs is applicable to the financial statements and its variances in addition to financial ratios and its variances.


Variance Analysis

This option is available for both financial statements and financial ratios. It helps bring focus to the analysis of the financial performance based on studying the variances (the changes) from one period to another. Through this analysis, you will also be able to quickly and efficiently determine the areas that have improved and the ones that have worsened, allowing you to spot any significant changes.

Data view

FINTIBI allows you to conveniently save data for the analysis and to change the view during the analysis process by amending the periods selected for better insights and understanding for the financial performance. An example of this is being able to compare the Q1 this year to the Q1 from last year and then switch easily to compare the present Q2 and Q1. This flexibility in changing the views is a powerful tool, as it allows for a better understanding of the financial performance.

Data View


This unique feature is a powerful tool that will help you answer business questions easily, such as “How can we improve this ratio?” or “Is a 2% dividend increase enough to improve the ratios materially?” or “What ratios will improve if we increase our cash sales by 10% and granted discount of 2%?). Another great use of the simulation tool is that it can test the sensitivity of the accounts and the impact of their changes on the financial ratios.

There are two types of simulation:

1. Simulation by entry: In this simulation the user will post accounting entries using debit and credit accounts, then update the list of other information and run the simulation.

2. Simulation by percentage:In this simulation the user will have the option of adjusting the accounts by increasing or decreasing them as a percentage and then updating the list of other information and running the simulation.

The simulation will show the changes in ratios before and after running the simulation, which will allow you to see what has changed. Additionally, you will be able to save the different simulation scenarios, so you can run the same scenario at a later point. Fintibi will run the simulation on any data view you select.